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General Information

About Evidnt

Evidnt Is A Smart B2B Marketplace, For Merchants & Brands Of All Sizes So They Can Maximize Growth By Making Proactive Decisions At The Speed Of Business.

Our story

What makes you better than other marketplaces that connect brands with retailers?

There are a lot of marketplaces, but we work with merchants directly. They use us for their analytics and we help them understand which products are prime to be sold in their stores. Our goal is to introduce them to brands that we predict will sell in their stores, not just introduce them to brands that sell similar categories.

What’s the process for brands to connect with merchants? 

We introduce your brand, allow the merchants to order your products and then let the relationships build from there. Once you sign up directly, we highly recommend you support sales with promotional materials and use awesome companies like Brij to tell your story and connect.

How does this make it simpler for brands?

Distribution is difficult to mid and long-tail merchants and retailers, we combine them and let you communicate through Evidnt. We’re working hard to provide more solutions as we further develop our platform.

Who are the merchants? Can brands pick and choose who they work with?

We’re proud of our merchant partners and you can learn more about them here. We currently do not allow you to select individual merchants, but you can select your preferred merchant categories. We do recommend that you don’t limit your opportunities as we already recommend your products to merchants that are the most likely to successfully sell your products based on their current sales.

What are the metrics/insights that brands will have access to? What does the dashboard look like?

When working with our marketplace directly, you’ll receive a custom dashboard to where your products are being sold regionally, directly through our marketplace, and through other sources. We additionally provide insights into competitive category products and buying behaviors. If you’re interested in more business intelligence and marketing solutions, you can find more here

What categories work best on your platform?

Our merchants lead in CPG categories such as Beverage, Snacks, Shelf Stable Pantry, Health, OTC Pharma, Beauty, Baby Foods, Household Supplies, and Pet Care. We’re continually growing in our support of apparel, frozen foods, 

Do I have to sign a contract with Evidnt?

No, you only have to accept our Terms & Conditions when registering on the platform.

Evidnt EULA

Why should I join Evidnt Marketplace? What are the advantages for a brand or distributors?

Through Evidnt’s smart marketplace and analytics, we connect you and your brands to distributors that are in markets prime for the success of your products and categories. Additionally, working with Evidnt provides additional services for product marketing, management, and growth.

How can I register on the platform?

If you’re a brand or a distributor interested in working with Evidnt’s marketplace, please reach out to

How much does Evidnt Marketplace cost for a brand or distributors?

Evidnt applies a 12% fee on all marketplace transactions.

Do I have to sign a contract with Evidnt Marketplace?

When you register as a distributor or a merchant, you do not have to sign a contract. You simply have to accept the General Terms & Conditions of the platform. Our team will reach out for integrations with your catalog, shipment, and order management integrations.

How can I increase my visibility on the platform?

Looking to increase your brand’s visibility on Evidnt’s Marketplace? Here are some useful tips to get you started!

  1. Add new products regularly
  2. Try new assortments and packaging
  3. Create seasonal packaging
  4. Apply product co-packaging or group discounts
  5. Apply for Sponsored products in the Evidnt marketplace
  6. Advertise with Evidnt’s product finder solution

Payment & Invoices

I don’t understand your commission system, can you explain?

We take 12% of the total order for your account. For example, if the merchant or retailer orders $100 of the product, we’ll request an order for $88 worth of product with the fee applied on the invoice.

How do I receive my payments?

Upon setting up your account with Evidnt’s marketplace, we’ll establish a regular payment structure.

What are the terms?

If you’re a brand or a distributor interested in working with Evidnt’s marketplace, please reach out to

I still haven’t received payment for my order, when will I get paid?

Please reach out to for any inquiries.