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New Years Resolutions
As many buyers are trying to keep their New Year’s resolutions, they’re approaching it differently. Some are going carb-free, as shown by carb-free mixed vodka sales increased by 12% MoM. Others are looking to get the same flavor but with different beverages, as Jim Beam’s Vanilla Coffee sales have increased. Others are turning to non-alcoholic alternatives, as seen with NA beer sales experiencing consistent sales growth, showing a buyer change to more health-conscious consumption habits. Many of these trends will stay beyond as the resolutions fade.
Big Month for Beers
While many beer commercials aired during the Super Bowl, a German beer balloon advertisement has had a noticeable impact on sales for German beer brands. This trend may be worth considering for brands in this category. And speaking of the big game, although the Chiefs lost the Super Bowl, the Eagles’ personalized Bud Light cans outsold the Kansas City cans, suggesting that personalization continues to be a valuable strategy for beer brands to connect with their consumers.
Cocktails on the Rise
Rum, Cognac, and Tequilla cocktails continue to be a feature in the most recent trends, with Vieux Carre cocktails and the Mexican candy shots are being raised across the nation. More straightforward mixed drinks that stood out over the past month were Mango and Rum, as drinkers are looking to thaw out from the cold and get back to summer vibes. A brand standout in this category is Shay by Le Portier, a cognac brand launched by Shannon Sharp, which has received numerous awards in the past two years and is now experiencing a surge in sales.
A look at the beauty segment
The beauty segment is seeing a growing trend in lash extensions, which may represent an opportunity for brands to develop new products or marketing campaigns to appeal to this trend.
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