Case Studies

Doubling Market Share and Engagement Through Targeting and Optimization

Discover how a fast food brand doubled its market share in exposed markets and enhanced user engagement by leveraging Evidnt’s targeting and optimization capabilities in this case study.

Boosting Sales and Engagement Through Effective Targeting and Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

Explore this case study to see how a ready-to-eat entree brand achieved a 9x engagement goal and increased average order value with Evidnt’s effective targeting and DOOH advertising strategies.

Amplifying Brand Awareness and Sales Through Precise Targeting and Optimization

See how Evidnt’s platform enhanced a prepackaged goods brand’s awareness and sales by leveraging precise targeting, real-time sales data, and Shop Local creatives to engage users and boost store traffic.

Dynamic Creative Optimization Boosts Beer Brand Sales by 8%

A case study exploring the success of a leading beer brand that leveraged Evidnt’s platform for dynamic creative optimization, resulting in an 8% sales increase at retail stores and dining locations by tailoring advertising creatives to match consumer preferences for various beer types.

Boosting Convenience Store Sales by 15%

A small neighborhood store owner sought to improve their sales and product offerings but lacked the necessary data and tools. With Evidnt’s analytics and product discovery tools, they revamped their product selection, better catered to customer preferences, and increased their monthly sales by 15%.

Helping Consumers Cash In

A financial services provider used Evidnt’s targeting and insights to reach underserved audiences and increase brand awareness, resulting in a 23% increase in brand awareness and an 11% improvement in customer acquisition cost.

Boosting Pet Care Sales through the Woof

A pet care company increased product sales per store by 7.5% by using Evidnt’s audience targeting platform to identify pet owners based on their pet’s needs using past buying behaviors.

Converting offline buyers to online subscribers

A premium coffee company increased online subscription sales and decreased cost per subscription by 11% by using Evidnt’s audience targeting platform to identify the right audiences of specific brands and premium coffee drinkers.

Increase Marketshare By Anticipating Colds

An over-the-counter cold medicine company increased its market-share by 4% by using Evidnt’s platform to identify audiences and markets where colds were spreading quickly and optimizing their media spend based on real-time buying behaviors.

International Brands Launch Drives Intent

An international brand increased brand recognition by 31% and buying intent by 28% by using Evidnt’s platform to optimize their media spend and targeting based on real-time buying behaviors and preferences for their new packaged food brand in the US.

Increasing Efficiency through Audience Targeting

A snacks company increased media efficiency for its key chip brand by 7.3% by using Evidnt’s platform to optimize its media spend and targeting based on real-time buying behaviors and preferences.

Inflight Optimization Improves Media Effectiveness

A soft drink company improved sales and media efficiency by 6% by using Evidnt’s platform to optimize its media spend based on real-time buying behaviors and preferences.

Buying Behaviors Drive Store Traffic

A high-end jewelry brand successfully drove traffic to their new store opening and generated interest in their brand by targeting women who buy high-end jewelry and beauty products through digital ads with Evidnt’s audience targeting platform.

Increased Brand Recall Through Targeted CTV

A male beauty brand increased brand recognition by 28% and purchase intent by 9% by targeting men who frequently buy high-end grooming and beauty products through connected TV ads with Evidnt’s audience targeting platform.

Audience Targeting Driving LTV

A consumer electronics company increased customer lifetime value by 11% by using Evidnt’s audience targeting platform to identify previous brand buyers with interest in gaming and entertainment for their new wearable speaker system.

Audience Targeting Scores with Better On Target Reach

A non-alcoholic beer brand improved on-target reach by 26% by using Evidnt’s audience targeting platform that leveraged buying behaviors to identify buyers of specific beer types during the World Cup.

Audience Targeting Driving Media Savings

By using Evidnt’s audience targeting platform, a leading state lottery was able to increase reach and reduce costs while promoting their holiday lottery games. Results included a 15% in media savings and a spike in sales.

Audience Targeting Capturing Trends

With the rise in demand for new alcoholic flavors and beverages, an alcohol brand sought to capitalize on the most recent trends and maximize return on investment. Utilizing Evidnt’s platform, the brand was able to identify the espresso martini trends, key audiences and target groups for their marketing efforts, driving an 18% improvement on their ROI

Product Supply Optimization

Evidnt’s platform helped a leading cleaning supplies company boost their ROAS by 3x during pandemic-related supply chain challenges. With real-time data and insights, Evidnt’s platform enabled the company to make informed decisions, navigate supply chain disruptions, and optimize their media spend for better performance.

Audience Targeting

Discover how Evidnt’s Audience Targeting platform helped a client identify and reach their ideal audience, leading to a 27% increase in reach and 6% sales lift. Learn how real-time sales data and easy activation across channels can drive better results for your business.

What our clients say about us

"At Nextdoor we've used Evidnt's Impact Measurement solution to understand how our CPG advertiser's initiatives are driving both national, and local omni-channel sales results. For a category like CPG that is always looking for more granular insights, we've been impressed with the speed and actionability of the reporting to drive results for our partners."

Colin Johnson

Head of Retail and CPG

"We’re excited about the launch of Evidnt’s marketplace. With the supply chain issues and volume of new products available to us, Evidnt helps us understand what to stock up on and how to maximize our sales by connecting with multiple brands in one place."

Vishal T.

Muti Store Merchant - NJ, CT, NY

"We're super fans of what Evidnt is doing. The Decision Ready Platform provides insights and solutions in record time, giving us insights to run our business faster and in a smarter way."

Joshua P.

Brand Manager, Fortune 500 Company