We see an opportunity to hit refresh

As a whole, the retail and CPG industry is entering a period of transformation. On one hand, retail data available for retailers has grown. On the other hand, brands and advertisers are losing relevant targeting opportunities. As browsers, operating systems, and platforms implement changes designed to improve consumer privacy, almost 70% of all media will go unmeasured.

This is where we see an opportunity to help both retailers and brands better make real-time decisions with a privacy-first approach.


Years of Experience


In CPG Media Managed

For retailers

Evidnt offers a Smart Marketplace available through the Clover and Square Point of Sale platforms. Through the Marketplace, retailers can better manage inventory to save money, discover new products to increase revenue, and order directly from brands to compete better.

For brands

Evidnt offers brand solutions, which allow advertisers to target strategic consumer segments and measure return on investment in real-time, all without using PII data. 

Our Team - Diverse problem solvers, who live and breathe the problem.

Mir Akhgar

Chief Business Officer

Joining Gravity, a digital media firm, in 2010, Mir led the team that grew revenue 47x over the next few years. This revenue growth helped lead to the sale of Gravity to Dentsu. Mir comes from a family of merchants, who own multiple stores. As a result, he knows the merchant challenge first-hand, which drives him to help grow Evidnt to make a difference for merchants across the world.

Alex Andreyev

CEO, Head of Product

Alex is known for building the first multicultural data platform for Gravity, which was sold to Dentsu, a multi-national media holding company. Following this, he built a maturity canvas for IPG and led the data, analytics & programmatic teams for Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Sara Lee, Este Lauder, Darden, IBM, and AMEX. These experiences make Alex one of the foremost thought leaders in the space of retail and CPG data development and management.

Yevgen Peresvyetov

Chief Technology Officer

Yevgen is a technologist, who founded the company, AdKernel. AdKernel is a white label digital solutions platform. Yevgen is a seasoned technology entrepreneur, with a strong background in computer science & engineering.

Dmitro Volvach

Chief Data Officer

You can say Dmitro was born to build. He wrote and sold his first computer game to Atari at the age of 14. At 16, he wrote popular music editing software. At 19, wrote an original 3D engine software, from scratch. Then, after college, he founded his first software company, which developed ActiveSkin, a component later used by ICQ messenger. In more recent times, his content recommendation algorithm was a top 10 performer in a Netflix prize competition. Dmitro is the visionary behind Evidnt’s numerous patent-pending innovations and algorithms.

Our Advisors

Ipalibo Da-Wariboko

Ipalibo discovered a passion for brand marketing and consumer relationship building, which led him to 10+ years of a career shaping the brand and go-to-market strategy for global brands like Pillsbury, Smirnoff, and Xbox. As a senior manager of strategy at General Mills, Ipalibo has a pulse on CPG brands’ data-driven marketing and distribution challenges & opportunities.

Jeff Goldstein

Jeff Goldstein is currently Head of Business Development and Partnerships at Whitebox, a modern commerce platform offering brands next-generation sales and fulfillment solutions. Prior to Whitebox, he spent the last 10+ years advancing the adoption of programmatic advertising at publishers and ad tech including NBCU, Yahoo, and AppNexus(purchased in 2019 by Xandr). Jeff lives in Brooklyn, with his wife, 3 kids and 2 cats.

Kevin Faherty

Kevin is the President and CEO of NBBI, a market leader in providing health programs for consumer savings through an extensive network of retail locations. Kevin is the former president of the Group Insurance Association of New York, with 40+ years of experience in the health and insurance business. Kevin brings expertise and advice for marketing, profitability and sales, with deep knowledge of the retail business.

Brian Flynn

An accomplished serial entrepreneur and investor with a robust track record, Brian has founded or invested in 26 companies, achieving 10 successful exits and fostering 13 others through rapid growth phases. A skilled deal-maker, he has orchestrated over 70 M&A and financing transactions, including the notable sale of Macromedia to Adobe. His expertise spans business development, strategy, and finance. He holds a B.A. from the University of Notre Dame and an M.B.A. from Harvard University.