Revolutionize Your Audience Targeting with Evidnt

Why Evidnt Audience Targeting

Are you struggling to reach customers and measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts amid the fragmentation of sales channels and lack of real-time performance feedback? Evidnt has the solution. By aggregating real-time transaction data from 15 independent sales channels, Evidnt enables brands to target their marketing efforts effectively and track their performance in real-time. This allows brands to optimize their media spend and drive sales growth, even as they face increasing pressure to do more with less. Choose Evidnt to take control of your marketing strategy and achieve better results.

What You Can Do With Audience Targeting

Use Real-Time Purchase Data to:

  • Develop Better Communications Plans, Messaging, and Targeting
  • Uncover Insights, Identify and Build Target Audiences
  • Identify Audience Personas, Media Channels and Tactics

Easily activate through a white glove managed service or programmatic activation via Private Marketplaces on any DSP across any channel.

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