The future of commerce is smart.

Through Evidnt, merchants can save money and increase revenue, while brands can target consumers and measure performance with non-PII, transactional data.

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Changing the way merchants and brands make real-time decisions in a privacy-first world

Merchants: The Smart Marketplace

In a world of outdated inventory management and distribution platforms, which cost small and medium-sized merchants $152 billion a year, Evidnt offers merchants a Smart Marketplace. The Marketplace allows merchants to better manage inventory, discover new products, and order directly from brands.

Brands: The Decision Ready Platform

As current models of advertising lose value and relevance, due to the loss of 3rd party cookies and IDs, Evidnt provides brands a way forward. Through Evidnt’s Decision Ready Platform, advertisers can target strategic consumer segments and measure return on investment in real-time, all with a privacy-first model.

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Case Studies

Product Supply Optimization

Evidnt Delivered Cleaning Supplies Company 3X Increase in ROAS during Covid supply chain struggles

Audience Planner

Evidnt’s Audience Planner Platform delivers 27% increase in reach

Impact Measurement

Using Evidnt’s Impact Measurement Platform, F500 household brand drove $1.5M+ in incremental sales

Product Finder

Evidnt Developed a Product Finder Ad Unit, Driving +13% increase in Brand Sales

What our clients say about us

"At Nextdoor we've used Evidnt's Impact Measurement solution to understand how our CPG advertiser's initiatives are driving both national, and local omni-channel sales results. For a category like CPG that is always looking for more granular insights, we've been impressed with the speed and actionability of the reporting to drive results for our partners."

Colin Johnson

Head of Retail and CPG

"We’re excited about the launch of Evidnt’s marketplace. With the supply chain issues and volume of new products available to us, Evidnt helps us understand what to stock up on and how to maximize our sales by connecting with multiple brands in one place."

Vishal T.

Muti Store Merchant - NJ, CT, NY

"We're super fans of what Evidnt is doing. The Decision Ready Platform provides insights and solutions in record time, giving us insights to run our business faster and in a smarter way."

Joshua P.

Brand Manager, Fortune 500 Company

Evidnt Blog Posts

Impact Measurement for Social

While privacy changes are further restricting brand measurement, Evidnt is bringing custom measurement tracking to social channels.

Evidnt is an AdExchanger Award Winner!

Evidnt is awarded as the winner of “Best Early Stage Company” by AdExchanger

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Evidnt partners with Adslot

Evidnt integrates the Audience Planner with Adslot to leverage custom audience data with guaranteed, premium digital inventory.​

Stock Up Report: Dec. 2021

December 2021 Merchant Stock Up Report – Data Through 12/1/2021

We see an opportunity to hit refresh

As a whole, the retail and CPG industry is entering a period of transformation. On one hand, retail data available for merchants has grown. On the other hand, brands and advertisers are losing relevant targeting opportunities. As browsers, operating systems, platforms implement changes designed to improve consumer privacy, almost 70% of all media will go unmeasured.

This is where we see an opportunity to help both merchants and brands make better decisions in real-time with a privacy-first approach.