Maximize Your Brand’s Performance:
Leverage the Power of Independent Retail to Act Quickly and Achieve Better Results.

The Independent Retailer Network

As brands are facing increasing pressure to do more with less, the fragmentation of sales channels and lack of real-time performance feedback can make it difficult to effectively reach customers and measure the impact of marketing efforts.
Evidnt helps brands optimize media spend and drive sales growth through real-time transaction data from 15 independent sales channels.

Audience Targeting

Evidnt’s Audience Targeting uses real-time data to identify and target the right audiences for better brand performance. It outperforms legacy tools by using basket analysis, sales channel analysis, and daily sales transactions to accurately identify shopping behaviors and optimize deals.

Impact Measurement

Evidnt’s Impact Measurement platform offers real-time insights and advanced analytics to optimize media strategies. It helps marketers and brands understand media performance, identify optimization opportunities, and make informed decisions for better business results.

The Smart Marketplace

Designed to help retailers save money, increase revenue and compete better, the Smart Marketplace also offers an opportunity for brands to connect directly with retailers. If you are interested in growing your brand and product awareness among retailers and/or selling directly to them, you found your solution.

How Does Evidnt Collect Data to Help Retailers and Brands Thrive?

Evidnt provides marketers with a comprehensive understanding of brand performance and customer purchasing behaviors through a variety of sources:


Real-time in-person transactional data from independent retailers and financial services applications, including transactions, loyalty, discounts, and other signals


eCommerce data to track purchase trends, local delivery stock levels, and first-party data performance


Contextual data such as product reviews, search trends, product discussions, forums, and fan bases

This data is cleaned, classified, and analyzed to provide independent retailers with insights, trends, and opportunities to make informed purchasing decisions and compete with the much larger retailers. It also empowers brands and marketers to act quickly and drive better performance for their businesses.