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Boost your store's sales with Evidnt. When you participate, your business will be featured in our Shop Local ads, which will drive ready-to-buy customer traffic directly to your store. This service is absolutely free and sponsored by the Brands you sell. You can also dive deeper with our analytics tools, which provide you with critical insights into trending products and consumer behavior in your area. With Evidnt, you can attract more shoppers and make informed decisions about what to stock based on real-time data from stores like yours.

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By integrating with Evidnt, your store can be featured in ads from top brands like Coca-Cola, Unilever, SC Johnson, Bayer, and many more across various categories such as snacks, beverages, beauty, pet care, and alcoholic beverages.

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Put your store front and center with Evidnt's Shop Local and attract a steady stream of ready-to-buy customers. This no-cost promotion puts your store front and center in your local community, enhancing foot traffic sponsored by brands you already sell.

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Gain a deep understanding of the market trends specific to your area with the same powerful analytics used by big companies. Discover which products are popular among local shoppers and optimize your inventory to better meet their needs. Evidnt's analytics app helps you stay ahead of the game by predicting what's likely to sell fast.
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