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The Smart Marketplace

Don’t just gain access to thousands of merchants, reach the merchants that are already selling similar products successfully, and are ready to onboard yours. Merchants already use us to help them with their sales analytics, understanding what they’re selling, we help them order quickly and easily so they’re always in stock for what people want.

Fill The Gap

When others are out of stock, Evidnt provides merchants with insights into new products that are prime to succeed in their place. Those products can be yours.

We quickly identify specific product sales decline indicating distribution challenges for those products. When the gap is there and your product meets similar category demand, we help you fill it, and the merchant continues selling. Win-win for all.

Drive Incremental Traffic

We drive traffic to stores that carry your products through our store locator technology. Through our direct integrations with the merchant point of sale system, we see where the product is selling and drive the traffic right in the ad unit.

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  • Provide us with your product catalog (we take any format)
  • Cutting out numerous hops, we set a wholesale price that benefits your bottom line and our retailers
  • We set an MSRP price. Don’t have one yet? No worries, we see thousands of similar products and can recommend a great starting point
  • We pay on time, every time!
  • Start getting orders

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