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Holistic Marketing Performance with Evidnt Nexus


An emerging brand faced the challenge of managing and understanding sales data from a myriad of sources like e-commerce platforms, distributors, and online marketplaces. With a limited marketing budget, the brand was struggling to figure out what marketing efforts were effective and how to maximize sales. By leveraging Evidnt Nexus, the brand was able to achieve a 29% improvement in marketing performance and a 2x increase in market share.


The primary objective was to provide the brand with a unified and holistic view of their sales across various channels, allowing them to make informed marketing decisions. This included:

  • Integrating sales data from various channels including Shopify, Amazon, Target, and independent retailers.
  • Optimizing media planning, targeting, and measurement.
  • Identifying effective marketing strategies within a limited budget.
Evidnt's Nexus:

Evidnt introduced the brand to Nexus, a unique solution providing:

  • Unique Independent Retailer Data: Offering insights into 40%+ of CPG sales, enabling a clear picture of independent retail performance.
  • Bring Your Own Data Feature: Allowing the brand to integrate their own sales and media data for a comprehensive view.
  • Holistic View of Sales: A unified platform offering a single view of sales data across all channels, facilitating better marketing decisions.
  • Data-Driven Campaign Optimization: Leveraging Nexus’s insights to fine-tune targeting, refine messaging, and identify untapped customer segments.
  • Competitive Advantage: Combining independent retail data with the brand’s own data to outpace competitors and identify market opportunities.

Leveraging Evidnt’s Nexus solution, the brand achieved remarkable results:

  • 29% Improvement in Marketing Performance: By having a single view of all sales data, the brand could make informed decisions on where to allocate marketing budgets, optimizing their efforts efficiently.
  • 2x Increase in Market Share: The insights provided by Nexus helped the brand to refine pricing and positioning, resulting in a significant increase in market share.
  • Streamlined Sales Data Management: Managing sales data from various sources became streamlined, providing a clear understanding of what efforts were working best.
  • Strategic Growth Opportunities: The brand was able to identify new market opportunities and fine-tune their campaigns, ensuring that they stayed ahead of the competition.

Evidnt Nexus proved to be a game-changer for the emerging brand. With its unique features and insights, Nexus provided the tools needed to navigate the complex landscape of omnichannel sales. The ability to combine unique independent retailer data with the brand’s own data allowed for unparalleled optimization of marketing strategies, resulting in improved performance and growth. The brand’s experience with Nexus serves as a compelling example of how data-driven solutions can revolutionize sales strategies for brands facing similar challenges.

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