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Increase Marketshare By Anticipating Colds

Over-The-Counter Cold Medicine Increases Market Share with Evidnt's Real-Time Insights and Auto-Optimization

OTC medicine, cold medicine, real-time insights, auto-optimization, purchase-based targeting
An over-the-counter cold medicine company was looking to increase its market share. They turned to Evidnt’s platform to identify audiences and markets where colds were spreading quickly by looking at real-time buying behaviors.
The brand’s main objective was to increase market share by quickly identifying illness patterns and allocating media to drive consideration and sales.
Evidnt's Platform:
The cold medicine company chose Evidnt’s platform because it allows for real-time insights and auto-optimization based on buying behaviors. This helped the company reach potential customers who were more likely to be interested in purchasing their products in areas where colds were spreading quickly.
The brand saw a 14% increase in market share by identifying audiences and markets where colds were spreading quickly and optimizing their media spend based on real-time buying behaviors with Evidnt’s platform.

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