The Future of Retail Networks

Unlock new horizons in the retail space with Evidnt's advanced solutions tailored for the progressive retailer and astute retail network managers.

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Evidnt empowers retailers to provide brand partners with a holistic marketing approach, fueling comprehensive brand growth. Simultaneously, retailers can amplify in-store traffic and sales, complemented by actionable insights for continuous optimization.

The Evidnt Retail Network Solutions: Elevate Your Brand Partnerships

Unified Platform

Say goodbye to disjointed campaigns. Our Retail Network consolidates individual retail media networks, ensuring seamless planning, execution, and measurement of campaigns for your brand partners.

Data-Driven Decisions

Melding your first-party data and inventory specifics with Evidnt’s one-of-a-kind shopper insights, we illuminate the path to smart budget allocation and holistic campaign measurement.

Unlock New Revenue Streams

Empower your brand with tailored marketing opportunities, boosting sales and expanding growth.

Drive Sales with Evidnt’s Shop Local Ads

Direct Traffic, More Sales

Channel buyers straight to your store with Evidnt’s Shop Local ads. Brand-supported marketing initiatives bring the shoppers right to your doorstep.

Product-Centric Campaigns

Lead your buyers directly to what they want. Our Shop Local ads spotlight the exact products and promotions, ensuring that shoppers locate their desired product in the nearest store.

Evidnt Analytics: A Deeper Dive into Retail Metrics

Beyond Conventional Measurement 

While most solutions offer a piecemeal view, Evidnt offers a panoramic view of retail metrics, leveraging its exclusive independent retail sales database.

Comprehensive Insights for Brands 

Gain unparalleled insights into the effects of retailer marketing and promotions on overarching sales. Understand the interplay between channels and optimize for holistic brand growth.

Empowering Retailers

Stay ahead of the curve. With Evidnt, retailers acquire crucial intel on competitive pricing, emerging sales trends, and deep-dive analytics.

Elevate Your Retail Experience with Evidnt

In a world where retail dynamics are ever-evolving, stay at the forefront with Evidnt.