Maximize Your Brand’s Performance:
Harness the Potential of Independent Retail Data, Integrated with Your Own Channel Data, for Rapid Decision-Making and Superior Outcomes.

The Comprehensive Sales Platform

Navigating through fragmented sales channels and gauging marketing impact can be daunting for brands. Evidnt addresses this by offering a comprehensive sales platform, leveraging real-time transaction data from multiple independent channels and your own retail data for optimized media spend and robust sales growth.

Advanced Audience Targeting

Evidnt’s Advanced Audience Targeting harmonizes independent retail data with your brand’s sales data, facilitating precise identification and targeting of optimum audiences for superior brand performance. Transcending traditional methodologies, our system leverages real-time data, basket analysis, sales channel analysis, and daily transactional insights to pinpoint shopping behaviors accurately and optimize deals.

Impact Measurement

Evidnt’s Impact Measurement integrates independent retail data with your brand’s sales data, offering real-time insights and advanced analytics for comprehensive understanding of sales impact. It enables brands and marketers to discern media performance, pinpoint optimization opportunities, and make data-driven decisions for enhanced business outcomes.

The Smart Marketplace

Designed to help retailers save money, increase revenue and compete better, the Smart Marketplace also offers an opportunity for brands to connect directly with retailers. If you are interested in growing your brand and product awareness among retailers and selling directly to them, you found your solution.

How Does Evidnt Collect Data to Help Retailers and Brands Thrive?

Evidnt facilitates a profound understanding of brand performance and customer purchasing behaviors through an amalgamation of data from various sources:


Real-time transactional data from independent retailers and financial services applications, encompassing transactions, loyalty, discounts, and other signals. Brands also have the opportunity to integrate their proprietary data, allowing for a richer analysis and superior performance.


eCommerce data to monitor purchase trends, local delivery stock levels, and the performance of first-party data.


Contextual data including product reviews, search trends, product discussions, forums, and fan bases.

This confluence of data is meticulously cleaned, classified, and analyzed, delivering actionable insights and opportunities for swift, informed decision-making, and driving superior business performance.