With Evidnt, target consumers and measure business performance with non-PII, transactional data.

The Decision Ready Platform

As a marketer, you are faced with difficult decisions every day about how to address fundamental questions of marketing: Which brands and products to promote? Which audience to target? Which channels to invest in? How to measure and optimize business performance?

Answering these questions has always been a challenge. Now with consumer privacy becoming a more prominent part of the digital ecosystem, finding the right answers in a privacy-forward way is more important than ever before. This is why we built the Decision Ready Platform. The platform is made up of three key components: The Audience Planner, The Impact Measurement Tool, and The Smart Marketplace

Audience Planner

For Brand Managers and Planners who seek to identify the right audiences, Audience Planner is a new way to create targetable users. Unlike legacy tools that use outdated personal graphic data, Evidnt Audience Planner uses real-time audience analytics based on brand and category sales.

Impact Measurement

Impact Measurement platform is a flow of data stories that help marketers and media buyers understand media performance in near real-time. Using the platform, marketers, and brands can seamlessly connect to merchant sales data, unlocking advanced analytics for product sales and optimization.

The Smart Marketplace

Designed to help merchants compete better, the Smart Marketplace also offers an opportunity for brands to connect directly with merchants. If you are interested in growing your brand and product awareness among merchants and/or selling directly to them, you found your solution.

How Evidnt Operates With Consumer Privacy At Its Heart

Evidnt platform provides marketers the ability to understand full brand performance and purchase behaviors, explicitly without collecting PII from consumers. We do so by focusing on:


In-person transactional data: Thanks to our partnerships with merchants around the country, real-time transactional data from thousands of point-of-sale terminals is captured and classified to understand in-store purchase behaviors.


Market Signals: We collect eComm data to understand purchase trends, local delivery stocks, and 1st party data performance.


Contextual Data: We add context through product reviews, search trends, product discussions, forums, and fanbases.

This privacy-forward methodology provides a consistent and holistic approach to sales measurement and targeting, with the foresight of the consent and tracking requirements the government or technology giants throw at brands and marketers.

No cookies, no PII, no tracking crumbs