Are you prepared for the privacy-first world of marketing? Evidnt’s Audience Planner can help identify, understand, and reach your audiences in a privacy-forward way

Why We Built Audience Planner

Today, marketers are having a hard time identifying growth effectively; driven by the digital ubiquity, explosion of new brands, and rise of e-Commerce. Advanced audience planning requires understanding real-time market trends and insights from a more transparent decision-ready analytics platform.

With this challenge in mind, we built the Evidnt Audience Planner.

What You Can Do Through Audience Planner

With this platform, marketers can

  • Identify and build audiences based on current purchase behaviors.
  • View a flow of data stories that helps marketers understand the product category dynamics,
  • Uncover insights into their current buyers and buyers who prefer competitor brands
  • Launch marketing campaigns with audiences built within the platform
  • Develop better communications plans, messaging, and targeting

Future iterations will include recommendations for audience personas, media channels, and specific activation partners.