Unlock Actionable Insights: Measure the Impact of Media on Sales with Evidnt

Evidnt’s Impact Measurement

Gain a comprehensive understanding of media’s impact on sales with Evidnt’s cutting-edge measurement solutions. Our key differentiator lies in leveraging independent retail data combined with your own sales data in a cost-effective manner, enabling you to identify the true impact of your media investments. With faster data delivery, enhanced transparency, and a holistic view across multiple channels, Evidnt empowers you to make data-driven decisions that drive superior business outcomes. Maximize your media’s effectiveness and propel your brand’s success with Evidnt’s advanced measurement capabilities.

What You Can Do Through Impact Measurement

Evidnt helps marketers and brands optimize their media strategies and drive better results with the following features:

  • Advanced analytics on product sales, trends, sales lift, audience segmentations, competitive conquesting, and sales shift analysis
  • Real-time insights and the ability to understand media performance
  • Opportunities for optimization across channels, partners, placements, and tactics
  • The ability to make informed decisions that drive business success

Our Impact Measurement platform is designed to help you succeed in an increasingly competitive and dynamic market.

“At Nextdoor, we’ve used Evidnt’s Impact Measurement solution to understand how our CPG advertiser’s initiatives are driving both national, and local omnichannel sales results. For a category like CPG that is always looking for more granular insights, we’ve been impressed with the speed and actionability of the reporting to drive results for our partners” stated Colin Johnson, Head of Retail and CPG at Nextdoor.

Impact Measurement For Social

As social media platforms like Facebook and Snapchat experience slowing revenue growth and declining investment due to privacy changes, brands are struggling to measure the full value of their investments and understand the real-world impact of their social media campaigns. These challenges are compounded by limitations in mobile tracking and off-line sales insights, leading to underreporting of digital metrics by an estimated 15%. With Evidnt’s Impact Measurement for Social, brands can access real-time sales data and use it to optimize their campaigns and drive sales growth and market share beyond clicks and impressions.

Don’t let privacy changes hold you back – choose Evidnt to get the insights you need to succeed on social media.