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Evidnt launches an audience planning solution to identify buyers demographics based on real-time sales data

Evidnt’s audience planner solution provides real-time audience demographic data, helping marketers and brands better identify current and prospective buyers

Jersey City, NJ – October 18th, 2021

After 40 years of outperforming most industries, the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is now having a difficult time finding growth. Mostly driven by the digital ubiquity, explosion of new brands, and rise of e-Commerce, gaps in growth have been amplified significantly by COVID-19 crisis. Identifying growth opportunities through dated audiences modeling derived from panels, self-declared data, along with multicultural shifts, create challenges for brands to develop audience targets.

2020 McKinsey study highlights that brands who are looking to lead in the new realities of the marketplace must adopt new models for “where to play” and “where to win” to be on the right trend of growth. “CPGs need to enable these new commercial capabilities with an evolved operating model that prioritizes consumer closeness and local decision-making in key markets, as well as intelligent productivity gains to fuel commercial investments” states the report.

Audience Planner solution is part of Evidnt’s The Decision Ready Platform SaaS solution of tools. Audience Planner is an advanced planning tool that enables understanding of real-time market trends, insights through a better, faster, and more transparent decision-ready analytics platform.

“We’re excited to introduce Audience Planner as the next building block in Evidnt’s Decision Ready Platform,” said Alex Andreyev, Evidnt’s CEO and Head of Product “In a time when brands need the data most, we’re excited to help them partner closer with grocers and take advantage of the ever-growing market”

Evidnt’s Audience Planner platform leverages real-time sales data that marries in-store and digital sales, along with demographics information defining audiences based on buying behaviors, rather than what perceived behaviors and profiles. 

This is the second product released out of beta for Evidnt’s, who was recently selected as The 2021 Programmatic Power Players and 2021 Finalist for Best Early Stage Technology company by AdExchanger.

These awards come in the midst of Evidnt’s selection as one of 1,000+ applicants into Newchip’s competitive accelerator program, after a successful 2020 launch and numerous beta product releases in Q4 to help marketers make better business decisions.

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