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As CPG brands and media managers, keeping up with the latest trends and consumer preferences in the beverage industry is essential to drive growth and success. The past few months have seen some surprising shifts in the market, and today we’ll explore some interesting insights and how to take advantage of them through Evidnt.
Espresso martini may have been all the rage in 2022, but the last three months have seen significant growth in Pomegranate mixed vodka drinks. With a consistent price in the US and a seasonal spike in sales, this flavor is becoming the latest winner in cocktail and mixed drink trends. Take advantage of this opportunity by optimizing your media spend towards pomegranate mixed vodka drinks and reaching the target audience effectively.
Eggnog vs Coquito: the holiday beverage debate has seen some changes in recent times. With the increase in dairy costs, many buying groups have shifted towards a coconut milk-based drink, Coquito. However, for those who still prefer Eggnog, Pecan has emerged as the top-selling flavor of bourbon, appealing to the bourbon-loving crowd. Keep track of these shifting preferences and adjust your media spend accordingly to reach your target audience effectively.
Celebrities and influencers love to launch their own Tequila brands, and over the past 12 months, there has been a proliferation of new brands in the market. However, Casamigos still leads the category in individual sales and at bars and restaurants. Californians consume more Tequila per household than any other market, making this market an attractive target for Tequila brands. Keep track of these trends and adjust your media spend to reach the right audience effectively.
Keeping track of the latest trends and consumer preferences is essential for CPG brands and media managers to drive growth and success. Evidnt helps you stay ahead of the game by aggregating real-time transaction data from 15 independent sales channels, providing powerful analytics and retail-tech solutions to drive growth for both brands and independent retailers. Unlock the full potential of the beverage industry with Evidnt.
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