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Audience Targeting Capturing Trends

Evidnt Helps Alcohol Brand Capitalize on Espresso Martini Growth, Improving ROI by 18%

trend targeting, sales increase, alcohol sales
With the rise in demand for new alcoholic flavors and beverages, an alcohol brand sought to capitalize on the most recent trends and maximize return on investment. Utilizing Evidnt’s platform, the brand was able to identify the espresso martini trends, key audiences and target groups for their marketing efforts.
The goal was to capitalize on the cocktail growth demand, but to maximize return on investment by targeting the ideal buyers in both retail locations and restaurants for the brands key alcoholic mixes and liquors.
Evidnt's Platform:
Evidnt’s platform provided insights into real-time buying behaviors and trends, identifying espresso martini sales spices, and allowing the brand to identify the ideal product mix across their portfolio targeting key audiences and groups for their marketing efforts. This included a granular analysis of consumer demographics, purchasing patterns, and sales data.
The brand saw an 18% improvement in return on investment as a result of utilizing Evidnt’s platform to identify and target key audiences in the espresso martini market.
trend targeting, sales increase, alcohol sales

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