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Dynamic Creative Optimization Boosts Beer Brand Sales by 18%


A leading beer brand leveraged Evidnt’s platform to dynamically optimize creatives based on buyer preferences and beer type performance. The data-driven approach led to an 8% sales increase at points of purchase, including retail stores and dining locations.


The primary goal of the beer brand was to increase sales at the point of purchase by tailoring advertising creatives to match consumer preferences for different beer types. The brand sought a data-driven solution to identify the most effective creative strategies and adjust advertising efforts in real time.

Evidnt's Platform:

Evidnt provided a dynamic creative optimization solution, using real-time data analysis to identify consumer preferences for various beer types. The platform enabled the beer brand to:

  1. Analyze consumer preferences and beer-type based on sales data.
  2. Determine the most effective creative strategies for each beer type.
  3. Implement dynamic creative optimization, adjusting ad creatives in real-time based on the analysis, leveraging Evidnt’s shop local ads.
  4. Continuously monitor and refine the advertising campaign to drive higher engagement and sales.

By leveraging Evidnt’s data and dynamic creative optimization solution, the beer brand achieved significant success in increasing sales at the point of purchase:

  1. Sales increased by 18% in both retail stores and dining locations.
  2. The brand effectively targeted consumer preferences, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.
  3. The dynamic creative optimization allowed the brand to make real-time adjustments to their advertising campaign, maximizing the return on investment.

The data-driven approach allowed the brand to target consumer preferences more effectively, resulting in higher engagement and sales.

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