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Boosting Sales and Engagement Through Effective Targeting and Digital Out-of-Home Advertising


A Ready-To-Eat Entree Brand aimed to enhance brand awareness, engage with buyers, and increase sales. Evidnt’s platform facilitated precise targeting and auto-optimization for sales, achieving significant user engagement and a higher average order value.


Raise brand awareness, engage with buyers near points of sale at grocery and convenience stores, and ultimately increase sales for featured products.

Evidnt's Platform:
Evidnt designed custom brand solutions:
  1. Implementing Evidnt’s auto-optimization for sales, ensuring that Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising in grocery stores, convenience stores, taxis, and casual dining venues contributed to the campaign’s success.
  2. Utilizing Evidnt’s Shop Local digital ads to drive robust user engagement and help users find the closest retailer offering delectable brand products.

The campaign achieved a 9x engagement goal and increased the average order value of the Brand’s products, thanks to the effective targeting and optimization capabilities of Evidnt’s platform.

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