Evidnt Nexus

Harness the Power of Holistic Impact Across All Retail Channels

Evidnt Nexus simplifies retail media management with its SaaS solution. It provides comprehensive insights along with exclusive data from independent retail sectors.

A unified sales platform for the Omnichannel Brand

With Evidnt Nexus, brands can shed the guesswork and gain precise insights into which RMNs are propelling sales and driving performance. By consolidating data from all retail partners and channels into a comprehensive view, Evidnt enables you to allocate your media spend where it counts, saving you time and maximizing ROI.

One View of Retail Media Data:

Consolidate data from all retail partners and channels into a comprehensive view.

Unlock independent retail:

Evidnt brings unique independent retail data for deep competitive insights, trends, and buying behaviors.

Real-Time Tracking:

Track real-time performance and adjust strategies quickly to optimize ROI and sales outcomes.

Retail Channel Integrations

Master Retail Media ROI Across All Channels

Strategic Decision-Making:

Synthesized data from various retail media channels into unified reports, equipping you with the answers to drive pivotal business decisions.

Comprehensive Sales Insight:

Gain a bird’s-eye view of the impact of your sales across Retail Media Networks, enabling swift adjustments and optimizing underperforming tactics.

Real-Time Optimization:

Utilize Evidnt’s real-time sales intelligence and market trends to activate and optimize your media investment across the entire retail spectrum.

Are you ready to simplify your retail media strategy and focus on what truly drives sales?

Connect with Evidnt Nexus today and start optimizing your media investments with confidence.