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Amplifying Retail Growth with Evidnt


Unlock the power of Evidnt’s proprietary first-party data. See how we transform retail experiences, helping retailers show brands the value of promotions and advertising for holistic growth, both in-house and across independent retail landscapes.


Retailers faced a common problem: showcasing the holistic effect of brand promotions and advertising within their own premises and its cascading impact on surrounding independent retail. Traditional metrics offered a limited view, lacking the comprehensive insights necessary to paint the full picture.

Evidnt's Retailer Solution:
Leveraging 1st-Party Data for Holistic Growth

Evidnt’s proprietary first-party data plays a crucial role in helping retailers showcase the overarching impact of their promotions and advertising. By integrating this rich data, retailers can confidently present to brands the ripple effect of their campaigns – not just within their own stores but also in surrounding independent retail sectors.

Driving Traffic & Sales with Shop Local Ads

A distinct offering from Evidnt, the Shop Local Ads are meticulously crafted to drive potential buyers to retailers. These ads don’t merely highlight product availability; they ensure consumers find their desired products at their nearest store, promoting local shopping and community growth.


10% Surge in Store Traffic:

Evidnt’s Shop Local Ads, participating retailers witnessed a remarkable 10% increase in store traffic. This meant more feet through the doors and more opportunities for sales conversions.

8% Sales Lift for Targeted Promotions:

The results were compelling. The retailer’s campaign for the brand not only brought customers to the stores but also influenced purchase behaviors, resulting in an 8% sales uplift for specific product promotions.

Evidnt’s tailored approach offers a unique blend of data insights and actionable advertising strategies. Retailers, armed with these tools, can not only convince brands of their promotional efficacy but also translate ads into significant traffic and sales growth.

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