How to Get Sales Data from Amazon for analytics with Evidnt Nexus

Step 1: Prepare Amazon Portal Credentials and Account Ownership Ensure you have the necessary Amazon portal credentials with admin permissions ready. You must also have access to sales reporting of the Amazon account you wish to connect to Evidnt Nexus.

Step 2: Accessing Amazon Sales Reports

a) Log in to your Amazon account.

b) Navigate to the Reports menu by selecting the “Sales” option.

c) Click on “All Orders” to view and access the relevant sales reports.

Step 3: Request and Download Sales Reports

a) Choose the desired time period for analysis.

b) Request the download for the reports encompassing the selected time frame.

c) Download the reports to your local device.

Step 4: Upload Reports to Evidnt Nexus Repository

a) Access your Evidnt Nexus account.

b) Locate and open the Nexus Repository feature.

c) Upload the downloaded Amazon sales reports into your Nexus Repository.

Step 5: Data Processing and Analysis Evidnt Nexus will automatically process the uploaded reports on a daily basis. This ensures that your campaign management and performance measurement metrics are up-to-date, allowing you to make data-driven decisions.