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Audience Targeting

Evidnt's Audience Targeting drives 27% increase in Reach for a Every Day Meals Brand

Traditional audience targeting methods rely on outdated data and fail to provide a clear picture of multicultural behaviors and real-time sales impact. By using Evidnt’s Audience Targeting platform, a client was able to identify their ideal audience cohort and launch their campaign with precision, leading to significant reach, sales, and cost savings.
The client aimed to identify and target their ideal audience cohort for a successful campaign launch and activation, utilizing Evidnt’s Audience Targeting platform for real-time sales data analysis and insights beyond language settings or content type.
Evidnt Impact Measurement:​
The Audience Targeting platform helped the client identify key cohorts, offering scale and reach across multiple channels, with direct integrations for same-day activation.


The audience cohorts identified by Evidnt’s platform led to a 
  • 27% incremental Reach against Target Audience
  • 6% sales lift
  • 13% in media cost savings
Evidnt’s Audience Targeting as their go-to tool for audience development and planning, extending their reach to Canada and Europe.

What's next​

Evidnt’s Impact Measurement is becoming a vital tool for optimization and measurement, providing real-time insights and reports for better decision-making. Future updates will include offline channel measurements, customized optimization methodologies, brand favorability integrations, and media KPI to sales analysis.

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