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Amplifying Brand Awareness and Sales Through Precise Targeting and Optimization


A prepackaged goods brand sought to enhance brand awareness, engage with buyers, increase clicks, and ultimately elevate sales. Evidnt’s platform provided efficient targeting and auto-optimization for sales, leading to substantial user engagement and sales growth.


 Boost brand awareness, engage with buyers, increase clicks to drive store traffic, and ultimately raise sales for the Brand’s products.

Evidnt's Platform:

Leveraging Evidnt’s real-time sales data and Shop Local creatives, the platform enabled users to find the nearest store offering the Brand products and reach the ideal target audience:

  1. Evidnt’s strategic targeting, combined with weather triggers, captivated users’ interest during rainy and “stay at home” days.
  2. Evidnt pinpointed key multicultural audiences, focusing on Hispanic and African American consumers who frequently purchase frozen foods with Asian influences.

The campaign achieved strong engagement across all tactics, generating over 3.8k users who found a store with the Shop Local button to find the brand’s products.

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