Impact Measurement

Using Evidnt’s Impact Measurement Platform drove $1.5M+ in incremental sales

Cookieless measurement solution bring faster data to marketers and media companies allowing them to better optimize towards greater sales growth


Standard sales impact studies have a 2-4 month delay in measurement reporting, lacking the ability to optimize in real-time. Evidnt’s seamless integration with publisher reporting provides a quick turnaround for initial campaign results and optimization, giving the publishers and the marketers opportunity to optimize toward top-performing tactics and incremental sales.

Market-leading pest control brand launched a new product line, advertising with a social media company. The strategy included national, local, and weather-triggering tactics, with the goal of identifying media impact on sales and optimizing toward strongest performing tactics and placements.
Evidnt Impact Measurement:​
  • Light Weight Integrations

    The Impact Measurement platform provided rapid decision-ready reporting, allowing the publisher to maximize investment into top- performing tactics, identifying underperforming placements and optimize markets.​

  • Faster Results

    Expedited reporting delivered initial results 3x quicker than typical reporting, from 6 to 2 weeks, and without the requirement of heavy technical implementation in just 4 business days after the start of the engagement.


Impact Measurement platform provided data and insights at a rapid and bi-weekly pace, allowing the publisher to optimize tactics based on product growth increasing sales by 8.82% and generating over $1.5M+ in incremental revenue.

Identifying markets with product distribution challenges, additionally provided 8% savings in marketing spend while seeing a 2% market share gain for the newly launched products.

What's next​

Evidnt’s Impact Measurement is becoming the go-to optimization and measurement tool providing timely decision-ready insights and reports. Future expansion into offline channel measurements, customized optimization methodologies, brand favorability integrations, and media KPI to sales analysis, will give even more tools for better and faster decision making.

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