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Evidnt's Store Locator Increases Sales by 13% For A Newly Launched Product


New product launches are great until they sell out and leave buyers frustrated. Leveraging the extensive network of Evidnt Analytics users, Evidnt worked with the brands and top publishers to develop a dynamic product finder map right within the advertising unit, leading buyers to where the product can be found near them.


A fortune 500 Beverage brand wanted to support the launch of their latest flavors, although in stock volumes were limited. 

Evidnt's Decision Ready Platform
Evidnt’s direct integration with merchants across the country provided insights into daily sales data, providing insights into when the new products hit the store shelves. In partnership with the client and their media partners, Evidnt developed a lightweight product finder directly within the ad. The product allowed the consumers to find the new flavors in a store near them, with the stores being removed as products ran out of stock. The publishers were able to deliver incremental scale, without any additional code implementations. Brands were able to target better.
Why Evidnt?​

Evidnt identified over 12k stores once the products were available, directing over buyers to the open and in stock store’s near them, reaching millions of users across the nation. This was possible through direct integration with the merchant point of sale systems, and with a privacy-safe approach that didn’t require cookies or device IDs, enabling extensive scale across numerous publisher partners.

Without Evidnt:​
The client would have had to manually track where supply was available across the country through its on the ground sales force. Then they would have had to aggregate that information and then send it to their media agency to make the necessary changes. This manual process would have delayed flexible media deployment by weeks.

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In 2022, Decision Ready is integrating directly with top media platforms to help marketers make quick and seamless business decisions within their current workflows with minimal integration requirements.

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