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Boosting Convenience Store Sales by 15%

Boosting a Small Business's Sales by 15% with Evidnt's Analytics and Product Discovery

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When a small business owner from an NYC convenience store reached out to Evidnt, they wanted to improve their sales and discover new products to offer their customers. With Evidnt’s user-friendly analytics and product discovery tools, they not only reached their goal but exceeded it by increasing their monthly sales by 15%.


The store had been serving the community for over ten years. The owner knew they could do better in terms of sales and product offerings, but they didn’t have the data and tools to make it happen. That’s when they decided to try Evidnt.

The store owner faced a few hurdles, such as:

  1. No data to help them make smart decisions about products.
  2. Difficulty figuring out what their customers really wanted.
  3. Not knowing how their store compared to others like it.
Evidnt's Platform:

Evidnt gave the store owner easy access to analytics and product discovery tools that helped them:

  1. See which products were selling well and which ones weren’t.
  2. Learn more about when customers shopped and what they liked to buy.
  3. Find out how their store was doing compared to similar stores nearby.
Better Products and Sales:

Using Evidnt’s insights, the store owner was able to update their product selection. They added new, popular items that customers were excited about and removed products that weren’t selling. They also made it easier for customers to find items they wanted by placing related products close together.

For example, Evidnt’s data showed that people who bought energy drinks often liked to buy protein bars too. The store owner put these items next to each other, making it simple for customers to find and buy both.


After using Evidnt’s tools and advice for just three months, the store saw an impressive 15% boost in monthly sales. Their new and improved product selection made customers happier, and they came back more often to shop, which helped increase the store’s overall income.

Working with Evidnt helped the small business owner make their store better by using data and smart product recommendations. Evidnt’s easy-to-use analytics and product discovery tools helped the owner make the right choices, improve their product selection, and grow their sales. This success story shows how important data can be for small business owners who want to do more for their customers and their store.

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