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Spicing Up Marketing ROI: Evidnt’s Flavorful Approach to Behavioral Targeting


In the diverse world of international culinary delights, our client, a global spices and pantry brand, recognized the need to connect authentically with a multicultural audience. With a vast array of products catering to various cultural tastes, the challenge was to market the right products to the right consumers without relying on broad and often inaccurate demographic indicators like nationality or country of origin.


The brand was struggling to effectively reach two key customer segments: Hispanic and Halal buyers. Traditional targeting methods based on nationality were too generalized and missed the nuanced purchasing habits driven by cultural behaviors. This one-size-fits-all approach led to suboptimal engagement and wasted marketing efforts, calling for a more refined strategy.

Evidnt's Retailer Solution:

Evidnt stepped in with an innovative behavioral targeting solution that tapped into actual purchase behaviors to identify potential buyers. By analyzing purchasing data and patterns, Evidnt’s approach allowed the brand to understand and anticipate the specific needs and preferences of Hispanic and Halal consumers. This data-driven strategy enabled the brand to tailor their brands, flavors, and creatives to resonate with these audiences on a deeper, more personal level.


The implementation of Evidnt’s behavioral targeting was a game-changer. The brand witnessed a 35% improvement in ROI as campaigns reached the right consumers with the right message, significantly boosting engagement and sales. The targeted audiences felt understood and valued, leading to stronger brand loyalty and a solidified market position among Hispanic and Halal buyers.

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