Empowering Innovation: Evidnt’s Partnership with Left off Madison


Empowering Innovation: Evidnt's Partnership with Left off Madison

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Jersey City, NJ – September 1, 2023

In the ever-evolving realms of agency and ad-tech, a narrative emerges where industry veterans step out from holding company shadows to chart their own innovative paths. One remarkable tale within this landscape is that of Left off Madison, a brainchild of ex-Dentsu and Merkle executives who sought to create something distinct, as reported by Digiday.

Rob Douglas, the CEO, and Boris Litvinov, the President, co-founded Left off Madison, which has quickly found its niche in serving clients with a thirst for diverse customer engagement.  Left off Madison has honed its expertise in delving deeper into ethnic audiences, recognizing their unique tendencies, and moving beyond broad categorizations. They understand that distinctions like being Colombian versus Mexican are essential even within the larger Latin cohort, powered by Evidnt’s platform.

“We love seeing our partners leverage data in creative and smart ways.” Says Alex Andreyev, CEO and Co-Founder of Evidnt. Alex’s journey includes the development of a multicultural data platform for Gravity Media, a company subsequently acquired by Dentsu. “My passion for connecting deeper and highlighting multicultural differences, gives me joy to see creative partners like Left off Madison and the brands they support grow”

Their innovation unfolds as they blend specific ethnic insights with first-party data sourced from convenience stores catering to diverse audiences. This unique approach brings together market insights with real-time purchase behavior, enabling better-targeted, relevant communications.

A success story in this partnership is the campaign for Ling Ling dumplings by Ajinomoto Foods, a Japanese frozen foods company. This venture, undertaken in March, yielded a sales lift three times that of general-market programmatic efforts. Matt Troyka, Ajinomoto’s vp of CPG category marketing, praised the precision of Left off Madison’s approach, noting that it allowed for more targeted communication and effective messaging to individual consumer targets.

As the industry shifts towards precision and relevance, the alliance between Left off Madison and Evidnt showcases the power of innovation when industry expertise converges with cutting-edge technology.

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