Evidnt Nexus

Get a holistic view of sales with our unique independent retailer data and your own sales and media data.

Evidnt is excited to announce the launch of Evidnt Nexus, our new feature that allows brands to leverage our Unique Independent retailer data, while bringing their own sales and media data from retail channels such as Shopify, Amazon, Target, and other distributor channels and networks. This new offering provides a holistic view of sales, so brands can better plan, target, measure, and optimize media and promotions.

A unified sales platform for the Omnichannel Brand

Unique Independent retailer data:

Do you know where 40%+ of CPG sales are coming from? With Nexus, you can finally get a clear picture of your independent retail performance. Our proprietary data gives you insights into your customers and the market, so you can make more informed decisions about your marketing campaigns.

Bring your own data:

Nexus is more than just independent retail data. You can also bring your own sales and media data into Nexus to create a truly holistic view of your performance. You can embed data from your eComm sales platforms and distributor networks and apply it for media planning, targeting, and measurement, cross all networks and media.

Holistic view of sales:

Nexus gives you a single view of all your sales data, regardless of the channel. This means you can see how your products are performing across all channels and make better decisions about where to allocate your marketing budget, how to price better, and optimize faster.

CPG Sales by Channel

Experience the Nexus Advantage:

Data-Driven Campaign Optimization:

Leverage Nexus’s comprehensive insights to optimize your marketing campaigns with unrivaled precision. Fine-tune targeting, refine messaging, and identify untapped customer segments, ensuring your brand remains at the forefront of your industry.

Stay Ahead of the Competition:

With Nexus, you gain a competitive advantage by leveraging unique independent retail data and combining it with your own data. Seamlessly blend multiple data sources to outpace competitors, identify market opportunities, and drive growth.

Ready to take your brand’s growth to new heights with Evidnt Nexus?

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